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Barclays Bank and the Sported Foundation

Grants of up to £1,000 (or up to £5,000 for existing grant recipients) are available to UK not-for-profit organisations, including community groups, youth groups and traditional football clubs, to make football more inclusive and accessible within communities.

Who can apply: not-for-profit organisations including community groups, youth groups and traditional football clubs across the United Kingdom. Only one application may be made per club and applicants should not have previously received a grant from the Barclays Community Football Fund. Please note that schools and other educational establishments are not eligible to apply to the Fund.

Key words: Football, Girls, Women, Young People with a Disability, Young People from Racially Diverse Communities, Young People from the LGBTQ+ Community, Young People from Lower Socio-Economic Groups, Equipment, Kit, Coaching, Training, United kingdom.

The Sported Foundation (Sported UK) has partnered with Barclays to provide a further round of the Barclays Community Football Fund, offering small grants, training, kit and exclusive ticketing offers to clubs across the UK to make football more accessible within local communities.

The Barclays Community Football Fund aims to help reduce inequalities in football by supporting community sports groups who need it most. The programme focuses on groups operating in areas of high deprivation and supporting young people from the following underrepresented sectors:

  • Girls (Sported is especially keen to support girls football teams).
  • Women.
  • Young people from racially diverse communities.
  • Young people from the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Young people from lower socio-economic groups, and
  • Young people with a disability.
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