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Opportunities: Equality & diversity

image shows a pregnant woman with a young child who has her hand placed on her mother's belly

Cornwall Women’s Fund

The Cornwall Women's Fund aims to support community projects in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly supporting women’s mental health. For this round of funding projects with a focus on perinatal mental health will be given preferential consideration.

Deadline: 4 June 2024

A boy with a prosthetic leg stands on a paddle board, on water. while an instructor kneels behind him

Sport England Movement Fund

Grants available to get more people active, reduce the number of inactive people and tackle inequalities.

Unhappy Man Attending Self Help Therapy Group Meeting in Community centre

The Swire Charitable Trust

Grants available for core costs, salaries and capital expenditure for UK registered charities that are directly addressing environmental causes, UK heritage and the challenges faced by the most marginalised and disadvantaged members of society.

two young women with LGBTQ+ flags during a Pride march

The Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust

The Trust supports campaigns to create a more just and democratic society and to redress political and social injustices.

The deadline for this opportunity was 14 May 2024

B&Q colleagues helping local hospice

The B&Q Foundation

Grants for projects that improve homes and community spaces for people who are experiencing financial hardship, health challenges, disability, homelessness or other forms of disadvantage.

The deadline for this opportunity was 17 May 2024

young person struggling with their mental health at a doctor's appointment

The Triangle Trust 1949 Fund

Grants for organisations working with young women and girls aged 11-25 who have been in the criminal justice system or who are at a high risk of offending for the first time.

The deadline for this opportunity was 23 May 2024

two young women with LGBTQ+ flags during a Pride march

Wellbeing of Women: Women’s Health Community Fund

Grants available to UK not-for-profit organisations for the delivery of health information and support to women, girls and people from underrepresented groups.

The deadline for this opportunity was 19 May 2024

Two women enjoying a meal together at a table with others in the background.

The Lloyds Bank Foundation Racial Equity Grants 2024

Grants available for smaller charities based and working outside London that are supporting people aged 18 and over experiencing economic injustice and discrimination due to their race or ethnicity.

Deadline: 30 May 2024

Two children looking at a 101 dalmatians book at Perranporth community hub

The Henry Smith Charity

Grants available for UK youth clubs, charities, not-for-profit groups and schools to provide recreational trips or holidays for children aged 13 years and younger who live in an area of high deprivation and are experiencing disability or disadvantage.

Deadline: 22 July 2024

judge court gavel

The A B Charitable Trust

Revenue grants are available to small to medium-sized UK registered charities supporting the most marginalised and vulnerable in UK society.

The deadline for this opportunity was 26 April 2024

A black woman with earrings is looking to a black woman with glasses. They are deep in conversation

Racial equity programme from Lloyds Bank Foundation

This programme is for small local charities and CICs which are led by and working with people who are experiencing economic inequity because of their race or ethnicity.

The deadline for this opportunity was 19 April 2024

young person struggling with their mental health at a doctor's appointment

The Treebeard Trust

Grants available to UK registered charities and social enterprises working in the areas of environment, social justice and vulnerable communities.