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Team: Trustees

Our trustees play a very important role in making sure that Cornwall VSF is run in the interests of the people it is there to support. In our case, this is the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (VCSE) Sector.

Our trustees have the important job of overseeing and managing our organisation. They use their skills and experience to help us achieve our goal of connecting, supporting, and promoting the VCSE sector in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Photo of Joe McEvoy

Joe McEvoy


St Agnes

Joe said: “I am the Chair of Trustees at Cornwall VSF. I am also the Group Director of Innovation and Digital for the Priory Group of Companies. I have over 30 years experience working in Health and Social Care as a Health Care Assistant, Nurse, Manager and Leader, working at local, regional and national levels. I worked in the NHS in Cornwall between 2003 and 2013.

“I have also worked voluntarily for a number of charities since 1995, most recently for my local surf lifesaving club. A passionate advocate for the third sector, its role in levelling inequalities, its critical role in supporting local communities and providing access to services, it is a privilege to work alongside the team at Cornwall VSF. As a mental health nurse I am passionate about expanding support for people that widens access to help for people of all ages whatever their challenges might be.”

Photo of Mel Colton-Dyer

Mel Colton-Dyer



Joined the Board in 2023.

Mel said: “I am a Social Sustainability Specialist working with Balfour Beatty in the South West. This means I get to devise inspiring legacy projects for the community, business and the environment.

“As a Cornish lass, I have worked in training, business and local government for over 30 years and have a wealth of strategic experience. I am inspired and excited by the work of the voluntary sector and has been a trustee of multiple charitable and educational organisations.

“I am also a Cornish Ambassador promoting Cornwall to the rest of the UK and beyond. My passions are people, creativity and the environment and I believe in responsiveness, trust and open communication.”

Photo of Anita Harris

Anita Harris


Joined the Board in 2024.

Anita said, “I am delighted to have the opportunity to be part of CVSF as a Trustee. I have over 30 years’ experience in working on business strategies and then turning it into action that can be measured. I have worked across a wide range of sectors and geographies – more recently with a strong focus on charities.

“I am passionate about collaboration, building partnerships and bringing people together to work towards a shared goal. I have a volunteered for many charities (and have also established and developed volunteering in several organisations) and remain an active volunteer for a number of charities. I have been fortunate enough to work and live very happily in Cornwall for several years and I am looking forward to being able to make a positive impact to the region through my role at VSF.”

Photo of Andrew Walkey

Andrew Walkey


Joined the Board in 2021.

Andrew said: “I am a lead on NCVO’s Membership and enterprise activity, having joined in 2008, I am particularly interested in the development of cross sectoral relationships for the benefit of civil society. I lead growing the NCVO membership of over 16,000 members and am keen to develop partnerships with fellow membership bodies to help the voluntary sector thrive.”

Andrew has:

  • built strong partnerships with Mind, ACRE, NUS, FSI and Rotary to name but a few.
  • developed a number of strategic business partnerships.
  • built a comprehensive and strong package for NCVO’s members.
  • been interested in helping voluntary sector organisations get the right level of appropriate support. It’s not always about best practice, often it’s about understanding what people need to make sure they are compliant.
Photo of Sam Hudspith

Sam Hudspith



Sam said: “I have lived, studied, volunteered and worked in Cornwall all my life. For almost 10 years I’ve worked in the voluntary sector, managing and supporting volunteers in local and national charity roles. My background is in service development and volunteer engagement.

I am a Volunteering Best Practice Partner at Cats Protection, where I support colleagues and volunteers to continuously improve the volunteer experience.

I’ve been a Trustee of Cornwall VSF since 2021 and am passionate about supporting communities, volunteers and the sector in Cornwall.”

Photo of Nick Fripp

Nick Fripp



Joined the Board in 2021.

Nick said: “I am privileged to be in a position to learn from all involved in Cornwall VSF and engaged in community based action across Cornwall.  I hope I can find ways of using learning from over 40 years in public services to support the work of the Charity and those it serves and supports.”

Photo of Keith Mitchell

Keith Mitchell


Joined the Board in 2024.

Keith said “I am a Financial Specialist working as an independent interim Finance Director and business consultant within the public and VCSE sectors across the UK. This means I get to review, monitor, manage and improve the financial strength and sustainability of many different publicly funded organisations.  

“I have worked with private sector, local government, economic development, and regeneration businesses, as well as with charitable community organisations for over 40 years. I therefore have a wide and deep set of strategic business, financial, risk, governance and transformation skills and experience to bring to my role as a CVSF Trustee and Treasurer.  While this is my first Trustee role, I have worked with and advised Boards of Directors and Trustees, as well as Senior Leadership Teams, for most of my working life.   

 “I am in awe of the personal time and effort devoted to charitable causes by so many people across the VCSE sector and look forward to giving some of my own time and experience to supporting the development of VSF. 

“I am passionate about Cornwall after many years holidaying here growing up and now spending much of my time living and running a small business here.”

Photo of Ellie Trebilcock

Ellie Trebilcock


Joined the Board in 2024.

Ellie said “Having grown up in Cornwall, I’m really excited to be serving the local community as a Trustee on the Cornwall VSF board! 
“Having served in roles within the public sector, including time in the NHS as an apprentice, Cornwall Council with the Adoption and Fostering team, the Public Health team, and Active Cornwall, I have an advanced understanding of local needs and challenges. I’ve particularly enjoyed the opportunity to work with some incredible organisations and professionals, especially those within the Voluntary, Community, and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector.  
“I have a passion for tackling health and social inequalities, rooted in my own lived experience, and have a commitment to supporting the wellbeing of individuals and families. As a recipient of support from the Cornwall One Parent Support Group (COPS), grief counselling with Penhaligon’s Friends and other brilliant organisations in Cornwall as a child/young person, I understand firsthand the impact charitable organisations can have on individuals and families facing social and financial barriers. This early exposure fuelled my determination to create a fairer and more equal society, and this opportunity will provide me with the chance to share my experience and drive change. 
“With a keen understanding of sustainable funding structures and an aptitude for building positive relationships, I’m really excited to contribute to the forum’s mission of empowering communities and driving positive change across Cornwall!” 

Photo of Alison Flanagan

Alison Flanagan


Joined the Board in 2024.

Alison said “I am a retired GP with over 25 years’ experience of working in the NHS, including 4 years working for NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group as a Clinical Lead and Governing Body GP. I now run my own Health and Personal Coaching business.

“I have volunteered in many capacities throughout my life, both abroad and in the UK. Most recently I have been a volunteer vaccinator during the Covid 19 pandemic, a gleaner for Gleaning Cornwall and a director at Choose Nature CIC. I strongly believe in the VCSE sector’s unique role in tackling inequalities, supporting communities, and enhancing the voice of people who might otherwise be unheard. I am excited to assist Cornwall VSF in its great work as an enabler of all Cornish VCSE organisations.”

Photo of Samantha Lawrence

Samantha Lawrence



Joined the Board in 2024.

“I grew up in Newquay and now live just outside of Truro with my husband and son. For over four years, I have been leading the delivery of systemic and innovative programmes that support pre and postnatal people and children under five to be physically active, as part of Active Cornwall. I work with key local and national partners, such as healthcare, local government, and volunteer and charity organisations, to remove the barriers and inequalities that prevent more people from living a healthy and active lifestyle.

“I also have almost 19 years of professional writing experience, spanning various purposes, audiences, and platforms. I have written for bids and tenders, marketing and communications, business strategy and reports, digital and non-digital media, and more. I have a master’s degree in Professional Writing, an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing, as well as multiple certifications in mental health, wellbeing, safeguarding, and equality and diversity.

“I have previously volunteered as social media support for a lifestyle organisation and as peer supporter for the Birth Trauma Association.

“I’m passionate about creating a fairer society and empowering people with the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals.”

Photo of Rebecca Wilton

Rebecca Wilton


Rebecca said “I currently serve as the Deputy CEO of the RSPCA Cornwall Branch, where our primary focus is on rehabilitating and rehoming animals, while also acting as a central point for the RSPCA’s activities throughout Cornwall.

“My passion lies in driving social impact within the voluntary sector, an area I’ve been deeply involved in for the past 25 years. Born and raised in Cornwall, I have dedicated my career to supporting the local community, collaborating with businesses, social enterprises, and charities alike.

“As I step into the role of charity trustee, I bring with me a wealth of experience and a sincere commitment to making a difference.”