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Newquay Councillor Liz Wright visiting Newquay Orchard, meeting staff & volunteers and hearing about the great work they do as a community hub, providing valuable knowledge around horticulture and sustainable, healthy food production.

We come together as a sector to identify emerging trends and issues that require action.

Pooling our limited resources, we work together on key projects and campaigns.

These often align with our thematic alliances – for example food poverty, climate and environment.

Find out more about projects we are working on below.

a group of young people looking down at the camera

Routes to Community Success

Cornwall is one of three areas in England selected as a partner for the National Youth Agency (NYA)‘s Routes to Community Success programme.

Image shows campaign leaders from last year's Challenge Poverty Week (2022)

Challenge Poverty Week

Challenge Poverty Week is an annual event in October. Its purpose is to raise awareness of local issues connected with poverty in all forms.

Care Coins

Care Coins offer a range of health and wellbeing benefits, including counselling and wellbeing sessions.