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The Celtic Congress – Cornwall Branch is appealing for younger members

image shows Ellen Rudge - a cis white woman wearing a red top
Ellen Rudge
16 February 2024

The Cornish branch of the International Celtic Congress has been in existence since 1904 and it is a registered charity.

Its objects are: ‘To perpetuate the culture, ideals, and languages of the Celtic peoples, and to maintain an intellectual contact and close cooperation between the respective Celtic communities.’

There are branches in Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, The Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales.

As well as local events, an annual five day conference is usually held in each country in rotation. The annual conference provides a great opportunity for networking between peoples of the various countries as well as a chance to explore the culture and attractions of the country visited.

Members of the organising committee of the Cornish branch are older and they lack the energy of the past, and the reason they are Congress members is due to their deep involvement in other Cornish cultural activities.

The charity is therefore appealing for younger people with an interest in any aspect of Cornish culture, be it music, dance, Kernewek (the language), uniquely Cornish sport etc., to come forward and help rejuvenate the Cornish branch. It is looking for new ideas and initiatives to suit the modern world.

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