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VCSE Infrastructure bid for grassroots support – Please complete our survey now

image shows Ellen Rudge - a cis white woman wearing a red top
Ellen Rudge
8 March 2024
2 older ladies and an older man enjoy afternoon tea

Credit: Community Health around Torpoint (CHAT)

Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum (VSF) is preparing a funding bid that aims to provide small, grassroots organisations with infrastructure support to help them survive, thrive and grow. This support could be delivered in groups, one to one or online and potentially cover governance including organisational structure and policies, finance and HR help, monitoring and evaluation and bid writing.

We want to understand what support our small, grassroots community groups and charities are looking for to be able to operate effectively, develop capacity and meet demand. This could be at the start up or to adapt to growth or change. This support would be fully funded.

Whilst this survey welcomes input from all voluntary sector organisations, we would ideally like good representation from the smaller organisations that don’t have access to a range of inhouse resources.

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Please take a few minutes of your time to complete the survey now

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