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What is People in Mind?

People in Mind is a collaborative approach from some community sector organisations. It offers targeted mental health support to people 16+ in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. It sits alongside the range of other support available. Our partners start by asking, “what matters to you?”

We aspire to creating a sustainable partnership ‘service’ via our development sessions. It is the first contract in the country that provides improved longevity of funding to the community sector.

Refer via Your Community Gateway

The organisations forming the partnership are listed below. You can click through to understand more about their specific offer.

Our partners

Age UK Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

If moving towards better wellbeing is your goal, then Age UK Cornwall’s ‘Step into Wellness’ programme can help you get there. Group sessions across Cornwall.

Chaos Group

Supporting those aged 16+ with complex needs with an additional focus on men within ‘high risk’ groups, especially those working in construction, agriculture, and fishing industries.

Citizens Advice Cornwall

People in Mind’s debt advisers can help you address the associated concerns and support you to resolve problems with money so you can focus on improving your health and wellbeing.

CLEAR Cornwall

One to one counselling and support for people who self-harm and their families. This support covers all of Cornwall.

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Integrated Care System

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Integrated Care Board part fund this partnership, along with Cornwall Council. It is a part of the Towards Zero strategy, to contribute to reducing suicide rates in Cornwall.

Cornwall Community Foundation

Cornwall Community Foundation are our partners for managing awarding the Community Wellbeing Fund to support further charities in Cornwall. Their efforts have increased funding.

Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council jointly fund the People in Mind partnership with colleagues from Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Integrated Care Board (ICB).

Cornwall Mind

Cornwall Mind provides:

  1. Singing and walking groups for people bereaved by suicide;
  2. 5 Ways to Wellbeing programmes for anyone that wants to improve their resilience and self-care;
  3. Longer term peer support groups through activities such as music and creative workshops, garden projects, walking, hearing voices groups and eco action wellbeing groups.


Pentreath and Citizens Advice Cornwall (CAC) work collaboratively to support clients on the People in Mind Project. Pentreath will offer the clients Mental Health, Wellbeing support as well as Information, Advice and Guidance, whereas the CAC Advisor will offer their specialist Debt and Financial Support.

Volunteer Cornwall

Volunteer Cornwall offers Help Overcoming Problems Effectively (HOPE) facilitator training being initially offered to community hub staff and volunteers only through direct engagement with those working within community hubs.

Young People Cornwall

Supporting young people aged 16 – 25 to improve their mental health and well-being with a combination of 1:1 or group work across Cornwall, to respond to need.

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Health, care and wellbeing

People in Mind network expands via community wellbeing fund

26 January 2024

Our grantees

A Band of Brothers

A Band of Brothers offers a grassroots, social action solution to the problem of young male disaffection. It connects, inspires and trains local male volunteers to work with the most disadvantaged and most (self) destructive young men aged 18-25.

Action for Children

A tiered approach to engaging with Young Farmers across Cornwall to identify those who require a more specialist approach to support their mental health. This will be delivered through activity days, residentials and specialist 1:1 mental health support.

Carefree (fostering independence Cornwall)

‘Building Social Connection’ will increase capacity to provide a ‘secure base’. Care-experienced people have missed out on the family base that prepares children to make friends and develop positive relationships. If a young person struggles with relationships, they will struggle in school, in employment and in emotional well-being; increasing risk of suicide.

Creative Kernow

Funding for creative arts projects which help young people to manage their wellbeing and mental health. This forms part of the whole family approach to wellbeing, whihc People i Mind was set up for.

Glen Carne Housing and Support

Anchor Point pilot project aims to improve mental and emotional health, and provide life and employability skills for residents at Glen Carne. The project will recruit 10 residents and run a 16-week group course looking at emotional needs, understanding mental health, and overcoming anger responses.

Imagine If Partnership Ltd.

Imagine If collaborate with a wide range of partners to create a sense of belonging in communities. They join the dots between services, connecting people to the support they need and helping them develop the skills and beliefs needed to utilise that support. People in Mind granted funding requested to run the Farming Health Hub in the evenings in rural communities in Cornwall.

Into Bodmin CIC

The Bodmin Wellness Hub is a space provided for Bodmin residents to encourage better mental, emotional and social wellbeing. It is facilitated by intoBodmin in collaboration with Volunteer Cornwall and Bodmin’s primary care network, with other support and community organisations attending . They use a trauma-informed approach to support individuals to access the help they need and provide a supportive and welcoming environment.

Konnect Communities CIC

Konnect Volunteer Network enhances mental and emotional well-being, reduces suicide rates, and boosts financial security through volunteer-led initiatives. The PIM grant will be used to grow the peer mentoring team (1) so people who need it most can receive longer-term support (2) to sustain connections between people via the development of a voice forum (3) to challenge Konnect Communities CIC via the development of a shadow board.

Pegasus – Men’s Wellbeing Centre

This project is a comprehensive mental health initiative specifically designed to address wellbeing and prevent suicides among men, while recognising and involving their families, which will create a supportive environment that fosters positive mental health outcomes for everyone involved. Key activities: – trauma-informed counselling – 1-2-1 and groups – mental health education and awareness – skill-building workshops – support groups.

ReachOut Creative Futures

ReachOut will support young people who have specific level of need associated with high social anxiety, manifested though being very quiet, introverted; in some cases selected mute. They deliver a soft skills programme, 1 day a week over a 12-week period (3 cohorts a year). Activities include baking, arts/media, outdoor experiences, walks/group activities as well as delivering independent living, social and life skills, building/maintaining healthy friendships along with other confidence building exercises.

Safe Haven – Cornwall

Funding requested to provide regular classes, workshops and a festival for members of the LGBTQ+ community in Cornwall. This helps to provide connection and remove the feelings of isolation that can be associated with suicidality.

St Petrocs

Freshfield counselling and telephone helpline service. This will work to engage with anyone who needs support with their mental health to prevent suicide or self-harm through counselling and support, advice and guidance by trained and experienced staff throughout the organisation. This innovative project will be delivered through a holistic service of counselling and support encouraging people toward community engagement, training, volunteering, work experience to build confidence and resilience.

The Women’s Centre Cornwall

Support groups in Bodmin and Liskeard for young women who have been sexually abused and are at risk of self-harm and suicide. The volunteers contributing to the groups will have their own lived experience of abuse.

West Cornwall Women’s Aid

West Cornwall Women’s Aid offer support services to women living in West Cornwall who are affected by current or historic domestic abuse and/or childhood sexual abuse.

Funding requested to deliver 2 x new trauma-informed therapeutic groups over one year.

Whole Again Communities

Unheard voices contribute to suicide training with the ASIST peer support group to connect local residents with each other. For example a Treneere Resident (who attempted suicide) is the founder of Seadog Swimming. This encourages community, reducing social isolation.

WILD Young Parents

WILD’s suicide prevention project will work with young parents to identify and address risk of suicide and self harm. This will include: – routine enquiry about risk factors for suicide and self harm – safety planning for parents with higher risk, including use of Stay Alive App – activities based around the 5 Ways to Wellbeing to improve emotional expression, regulation and mood – improving referral pathways into perinatal mental health care – working with Cornwall’s multiagency suicide prevention group, and national young parent networks to improve wider support – MS Teams live staff support for crisis situations.


Funding requested to deliver 2 x support sessions over 14 weeks, to support a family-wide approach to self-harm and suicide.

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What Does Cornwall VSF do?

Cornwall VSF is coordinating People in Mind. Sarah Turnbull is the Project Coordinator.

We hold this role as a non-delivery partner. Cornwall VSF takes care of the impact reporting, liaises with the commissioners and partners and ensures the project is compliant. As we progress, we will share resources such as:

  • newsletters
  • case studies
  • associated forms
  • reporting
  • mapping of referral pathways
  • communications assets
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Cornwall Foundation Trust Partnership directory

Cornwall Foundation Trust Partnership's crisis line pages

I am feeling much more confident and my mental health has significantly improved since I started working with Amy [from Pentreath] I know where to access support in the future if I ever need it.

Photo of Chloe

Case Studies

Our partners have begun to share the impact of the work they're doing. Read some personal stories.

  • Chloe Story

    Chloe's story shares the impact of a community based approach to support

    PDF 0.4MB

Frequently asked questions

  • How do people refer to People in Mind?

    People from within the wider mental health system refer in. We also get referrals from partner organisations. We encourage referral through Community Gateway. If someone you know is in crisis, please visit the crisis support page.

  • What does People in Mind help with?

    People in Mind is a suicide prevention service. This means we are not a crisis service and although we would not deny anyone seeking support, we are aimed at prevention.

  • What can’t it help with?

    We are non-clinical and not a crisis service. While every care is taken to support people in crisis to find the service they need, we work to contribute to prevention.

  • My organisation delivers mental health support. How can I get involved?

    You can apply for the community wellbeing fund. Eligibility criteria apply. We are happy to share information about the service you provide. This can be part of the information used to support the client. See our case studies to understand how we signpost clients.

  • How is this service funded?

    The service is joint funded by Cornwall Council Public Health and Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Integrated Care Board.

  • How were partners chosen for this service?

    Cornwall VSF worked with partners in its Mental Health Alliance to ensure that people in the highest risk demographics had support.

    We also built into the bid writing, a community wellbeing fund, to support organisations not included in the main offer.

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People in Mind network expands via community wellbeing fund

26 January 2024

Impact story template

Cornwall VSF would like to collate information about the people who benefit from People in Mind, to support our reporting. We have created a standardised template for impact stories. Download here.

  • Impact story template

    Download the partner template