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Relaunch of StreetLink

Following the Department for Levelling Up Housing and Communities’ (DLUHC) commitment in the Rough Sleeping Strategy to improve the platform, Home Connections have taken the following steps:

  • Improved design and interface: Users can enjoy a more user-friendly and intuitive website across all devices including mobile.
  • Streamlined alert system: The alert-making journey has been simplified so outreach teams can efficiently locate and support the person sleeping rough. This includes removing the need for you to register to make an alert.
  • Web-first approach: Priority has been given to the website,, as the primary tool to make an alert, eliminating the need for a separate app. This approach not only ensures broader accessibility for everyone but also allows StreetLink to channel its resources into making one platform as effective as possible.
  • Continuous improvement: The platform will receive ongoing improvement over the next 2 years in collaboration with local authorities and outreach teams who use it. We would be happy to receive your comments and feedback.

So from now on please use the new website link to make an alert about someone sleeping rough or a report about yourself.

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