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The R L Glasspool Charity Fund

One-off grants are available for individuals across the UK who are experiencing financial hardship.

Who can apply: the following types of organisation may apply for an individual or family in need:

  • Statutory organisations that provide a health care, social care or advice service;
  • Charities that directly provide, or is contracted to provide, a statutory health care, social care or advice service.
  • Citizens Advice.
  • Prison or Probation Service (National Offender Management Service, NOMS); or a
  • Tenancy support worker employed by either a Local Authority, Industrial and Provident Society or a Housing Association which is registered with the Housing Corporation.

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The R L Glasspool Charity Trust’s vision is of a society where everyone has the basics they need for a good life. Its charitable objectives are the relief of persons who are:

  • In need, hardship or distress, or
  • sick, convalescent, disabled or infirm

R L Glasspool is one of the few UK-wide charities providing grants support for people experiencing financial hardship, that has no restrictions on who it can help.

The Charity provides timely, small, one-off grants to individuals, couples and families for everyday items to help them cope when things get tough, equip them to manage better day-to-day and enable them to build a stronger future. In some instances, the Charity can provide a grant to support training to enable individuals to take up an offer of employment.

Applications are invited from agencies on behalf of the people they support (see ‘Who can apply’ above), as the Charity believe that by working with others it can provide greater support. The

Charity does not accept applications directly from members of the public.

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