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Opportunities: Housing & homelessness

a woman with a learning disability is supported by a woman carer and both are playing with a dog and are happy and smiling

The Albert Hunt Trust

Grants available to registered charities based and working in the UK in the areas of hospice care, learning disability, mental health, the promotion of health and wellbeing, and homelessness.

Image shows a homeless person lying on a bench

The Quaker Housing Trust

Grants and interest-free loans are available to registered charities in England, Scotland and Wales for projects that provide housing for people in need.

Deadline: 4 September 2024

a group of young people in a support group

The Society Foundation

Grants for charities that are helping ex-offenders, those who are recently homeless or vulnerably housed and young adults aged 16-24 years old not in employment, education or training, move towards paid employment.

The deadline for this opportunity was 8 July 2024

a group of young people looking down at the camera

The Magdalen Hospital Trust

Grants available to smaller UK registered charities with an annual income of under £150,000 that are working with disadvantaged children aged 25 and under.

The deadline for this opportunity was 30 June 2024

older woman in a mobility scooter. She is smiling

The Better Community Business Network Grants

12 grants available to UK registered charities and voluntary/community groups for revenue projects that aim to improve the quality of life of people in disadvantaged communities.

The deadline for this opportunity was 16 June 2024

B&Q colleagues helping local hospice

The B&Q Foundation

Grants for projects that improve homes and community spaces for people who are experiencing financial hardship, health challenges, disability, homelessness or other forms of disadvantage.

The deadline for this opportunity was 17 May 2024

A joyful girl wearing a yellow jacket sits on the lap of a smiling man in a wheelchair, and they both look at a smartphone together in an outdoor setting.

The 7stars Foundation

Grants for charities working with children and young people aged 16 and under in the areas of abuse, addiction, caring for sick and disabled adults, and homelessness.

The deadline for this opportunity was 30 April 2024

Unhappy Man Attending Self Help Therapy Group Meeting in Community centre

The Clothworkers’ Foundation

Grants for UK registered charities and not-for-profits working in the areas of alcohol and substance misuse, disadvantaged minority communities, disadvantaged young people, domestic and sexual abuse, homelessness, older people, people with disabilities, prisoners and ex-offenders and people with a visual impairment.

an older man looking at a household bill struggling with the cost of living

The Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation

Project and equipment grants of between £250 and £2,000 are available to UK registered charities working to help relieve poverty, improve health and save lives.

The deadline for this opportunity was 31 December 2023

Image shows a pair of hands of an elderly person being help by those of a young adult, demonstrating care

The Hedley Foundation Limited

The Headley Foundation Limited offer grants of up to £5,000 to small to medium sized charities working with vulnerable groups.

The deadline for this opportunity was 28 October 2023

Diverse young people gathering in studio

The deadline for this opportunity was 24 September 2023

Image shows Growing Links Street Food Project in Penzance, feeding members of their community

The deadline for this opportunity was 16 October 2023