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Humans of the Peninsula

Laura Barnes is a cis white female with brown hair. She is smiling at the camera
Laura Barnes
8 September 2022
A blue sky sunny day in Cornwall. A lady with blonde hair is standing beside a friend in a mobility scooter. They have a dog in the basket.

Image taken from Human website

Humans of the Peninsula is called Humans for short. It is an app, combined with a service. Our colleagues disAbility Cornwall.

It emerged out of the amazing uprising of support that resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people were compelled to support their neighbours. disAbility Cornwall coordinated hospital-discharge support, befriending, personal assistants and more.

How can I contact Humans of the Peninsula?

Call them on 01736 759500.

Affectionately called, Humans, this is a network for everyone in Cornwall to contribute to the support of neighbours in their own community. The pandemic demonstrated that we all have such needs at some point in our lives. Working alongside our NHS and Cornwall Council Humans receives referrals for people needing such support. Sometimes this is due to hospital discharge, but the team also supports people with other needs.

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