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Challenge Poverty Week is an annual event in October.  Its purpose is to raise awareness of local issues connected with poverty in all forms – fuel poverty, food poverty, housing poverty, community poverty, financial poverty etc.

Awareness of issues is raised by

  1. Inviting key policy makers and decision takers in the public and private sector to attend an organisation seeking to address or relieve poverty during the week itself
  2. Hosting a specific event with a theme which delves into the detail of one specific aspect.

For 2023 that specific event is on Friday 13 October in St Michael’s Church, Newquay and the specific theme will be the Real Living Wage Place campaign for Cornwall.

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A child is holding a football next to a shopping trolley. There is another child in the foreground wearing joggers. They are in front of a row of flats
Sector news

A Real Living Wage for Cornwall

8 September 2023

image taken in Workbox Penzance, a Real Living Wage Employer, shows lots of happy workers mingling

This event has finished