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Working together to prevent and end homelessness in Cornwall.


  • To be the voice of the community/voluntary sector in homelessness
  • To provide peer support, and to hold each other and all parts of the system to account
  • To learn from each other and other places
  • To campaign and support campaigning for long term joined up solutions to support the vision
  • To prevent duplication and ensure good communication between the other voluntary sector alliances, and other groups that consider matters relating to homelessness in Cornwall


  • To support Cornwall Council and partners in reviewing and refreshing Cornwall’s current homelessness strategy (“Cornwall’s partnership approach to preventing homelessness and rough sleeping”)
  • To consider whether the Alliance can be a ‘Strategic Homeless Forum’, as envisaged in the current Homelessness Strategy
  • To map out the groups that currently meet to discuss homelessness or broader issues impacting on our work, to identify interdependencies and to put in place strategies to ensure effective partnership working
  • To consider how the Alliance actively listens to the voice of people with lived experience of homelessness to ensure this is working effectively
  • To review how the Alliance, its members, and the wider ‘homeless system’ engages with and involves elected members to help ensure debate and policy is informed and effective



Allistair Young, CEO of Coastline Housing, an independent housing association working to end the housing crisis in Cornwall



VSF engagement support

Justin Ricks, Engagement Officer: [email protected]

VSF communications support

Laura Barnes, Communications Officer: [email protected]


Coastline Housing, Ocean Housing, St Petrocs

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