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Therapeutic Interventions commissioning opportunity – Request for information (RFI)

Homeless senior male sits on cardboard in a dark tunnel
Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum
23 November 2023

Cornwall Council has secured some funding to procure trauma informed therapeutic services and activities for rough sleepers.

Cornwall Council has a strategy and a commitment to prevent homelessness and rough sleeping in Cornwall. However, it has been identified that many individuals who have experienced/are experiencing homelessness and rough sleeping have also experienced/are experiencing issues with their mental health and wellbeing. This is often triggered by traumatic early life experiences and as a result they find it challenging to maintain accommodation, due to the lack of life skills acquired during their earlier life and also due to the behaviours they have adopted to cope with their traumatic life experiences, which have become problems in and of themselves.

Cornwall Council would like to utilise this new funding opportunity to enhance the clinical and psychological services currently delivered by statutory Mental Health Services and the Next Steps to Mental Health and Wellbeing service. It anticipates this service could offer support for up to 12 months with a wide range of therapeutic and or one-to-one activities and/or therapies to further assist individuals to address the root cause of their issues.

Request for suppliers to provide responses for Cornwall Council review

A full tender will go out on Due North around beginning of December with a deadline end of January but in the meantime Cornwall Council would very much welcome your views/comments on the soft market test and specification via the documents below.

Please review the documents below and provide any response to this soft market test to [email protected] by 6pm on Wednesday 29 November 2023.

For any organisations that wish to take part in this opportunity please ensure you are registered with Supplying the South West. The link to the portal and guides can be found below.

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Pre-tender documents

  • Appendix 1 231030 Therapeutic Interventions Draft Specification
    DOC 0.7MB
  • Cornwall Council RFI - Therapeutic interventions
    DOCX 0.1MB