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Opportunities: Criminal justice

A young man is holding a paintbrush and has a joyful look as they create something

The Charles Hayward Foundation

The Charles Hayward Foundations issues grants of up to £25,000 per year over 3 years to UK registered charities working in the UK and/or overseas in the areas of Social and Criminal Justice.

Deadline: 2 February 2024

Unhappy Man Attending Self Help Therapy Group Meeting in Community centre

The Clothworkers’ Foundation

Grants for UK registered charities and not-for-profits working in the areas of alcohol and substance misuse, disadvantaged minority communities, disadvantaged young people, domestic and sexual abuse, homelessness, older people, people with disabilities, prisoners and ex-offenders and people with a visual impairment.

Two men are looking at a smartphone and laughing. One has a long beard with grey flecks and glasses, the other a shorter beard. One is in a wheelchair and the other looks over his shoulder.

The Hedley Foundation Limited

Grants available to smaller UK registered charities working with the elderly, people with a mental or physical disability, those who are terminally ill, young people and social welfare projects, including those that benefit carers, the homeless and ex-offenders.

Deadline: 13 December 2023

Two people hugging. One wears a t-shirt with the words 'Volunteer' on the back

The Neighbourhood Watch Network

The Network’s Community Grants Fund is intended to fund new, innovative work, particularly where it relates to crime prevention and community safety.

The deadline for this opportunity was 30 November 2023

Diverse young people gathering in studio