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Tag: mental health

A screen shot from the Human Learning Systems video, demonstrating the many factors that affect health
Health, care and wellbeing

Human Learning Systems

18 July 2024

A frame in Navy with a non-binary person making crafts in the background. They have a crew cut and are smiling.
Health, care and wellbeing

People in Mind launches second year of funding

18 June 2024

A woman with chin length ghrey hair and a green top is speaking with a woman wearing a black turtle neck and a brunette bob
Health, care and wellbeing

People in Mind network expands via community wellbeing fund

26 January 2024

A black woman with earrings is looking to a black woman with glasses. They are deep in conversation
Health, care and wellbeing

CLEAR Gain National Accreditation

3 November 2023

A woman with red hair and glasses is making sense of some wool. She looks slightly baffled as she faces the camera
Health, care and wellbeing, Funding and grants

Collaboration funding to reduce suicide in Cornwall

11 August 2023