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The Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts

A group of 19 grant-making charities that cover a wide range of charitable causes.

The Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts (SFCT) is an umbrella organisation that facilitates the work of the grant making trusts and charities established by three generations of the Sainsbury family. SFCT itself does not give grants, and is not affiliated with Sainsbury’s supermarkets (J Sainsbury plc).

Each of the 19 Trusts, together with associated charitable companies, was set up by an individual member of the family. Each Trust is an independent legal entity with a separate focus and board of trustees, in many cases led by the family member who established it.

The Trusts work in many fields, including the environment, social inclusion, education, scientific research, the arts, and heritage. However, most of the SFCTs do not accept unsolicited applications – only a few offer grant programmes that eligible organisation may apply to.

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