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The Quaker Housing Trust

Grants and interest-free loans are available to registered charities in England, Scotland and Wales for projects that provide housing for people in need.

Who can apply: registered charities in England, Wales and Scotland. The Trust is currently especially interested in receiving applications from minoritised communities as well as projects from geographically underrepresented areas in previous grant applications, specifically Wales and the East of England.

Key words: Housing Projects, People in Need, Minoritised Communities, Wales, East of England, England, Scotland, Wales.

The Quaker Housing Trust offers two separate funding programmes, each with their own application process:

  1. Best practice grants for early in the development of a project to ensure the project reaches the highest possible standards, and
  2. A Main Grants and Interest-Free Loans Programme to fund projects which create homes.
    Please note that applicants do not need to be part of the Quaker movement in order to apply for a grant or loan.