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The Platinum Jubilee Village Hall Improvement Grant Fund

Capital grants of between £7,500 and £75,000 are available to a wide range of organisations, including charities, social enterprises and statutory agencies, for village halls in rural areas across England to enhance, upgrade, extend, improve, and construct halls so that, as a result, new activities can take place and help bring communities together.

Who can apply: Registered Charities, Charitable Trusts, Charitable Incorporated Organisations, Community Associations which are registered charities, multi-purpose Church Halls, Scout and Guide buildings are also eligible where they are open for the whole community, there is no alternative village hall in the vicinity, they are not single use and they are clearly advertised as multi- purpose, Charitable Companies, Parish or Town Councils where they are the sole trustee of a charitable village hall, Parochial Church Councils where improvement works are being carried out to a church and where there is no village hall or other meeting place in the community. Please note that the intended capital works should be to enable the building to be used for a range of community activities.

Key words: Capital, Village Halls, Rural Communities, Improving Community Facilities, Health and Wellbeing, Reducing Rural Isolation, Environment, Rural Economy, Community Cohesion, England.

The aim of the Platinum Jubilee Village Hall Improvement Grant Fund is to support the modernisation and improvement of village halls so that they are fit for purpose and can provide activities which seek to achieve one or more of the following outcomes for their communities:

  • Improved health and/or wellbeing and/or reduction in rural loneliness.
  • Positive impact on the local environment, contributes towards net zero.
  • Support for the local rural economy, and/or
  • Promotion of community cohesion.