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The Magdalen Hospital Trust

One-off project grants, usually for between £200 and £3,000, are available to smaller UK registered charities with an annual income of under £150,000 that are working with disadvantaged children aged 25 and under.

Who can apply: UK registered charities with an annual income of under £150,000.

Key words: Smaller Registered Charities, Children and Young People, Deprivation, Housing/Homelessness, Lone Families, Mental Health, Physical Health, Unemployment, Health, Volunteering, United Kingdom.

The Magdalen Hospital Trust promotes the welfare of children and young people under the age of 25 who suffer from various effects of social deprivation, abuse, mental and physical handicap, inadequate housing, lack of education or training, and the problems derived from unemployment and lone parent families. The Trust prefers to support small community groups with an element of trained volunteers and self-help who are carrying out practical work in front-line situations.

Applicants should be working with vulnerable children and young adults, especially those at risk of sexual and other forms of exploitation.

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