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The Kelly Family Charitable Trust

Capital, revenue and core grants up to £5,000 are available to help establish recently formed UK registered charities that are working to nurture and support family life.

Who can apply: UK registered charities with an annual income of under £500,000.

Key Words: Capital, Revenue, Core Costs, Families, Abuse, Domestic Violence, Prisoners, United Kingdom.

The Kelly Family Charitable Trust was originally established to provide support to small local charities carrying out community projects. It moved its focus from communities to individual families and in July 2006 amended its grant-giving guidelines to favour charities that nurture the potential of a supportive family structure. More recently, the Trust has shifted its emphasis towards funding relatively new registered charities working locally or regionally in the United Kingdom.

Grants are available to nurture and support family life. The Trust prioritises its funding in favour of charities whose activities involve all or most family members (where possible) in initiatives that support and encourage the family to work as a cohesive unit in tackling problems that face one or more of its members. The overarching objective of the Trust’s grant-making is to reinforce the benefit and support family members as a unit can give to each other.

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