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The International Tree Foundation

Grants and resources are available to support grassroots community projects across the UK that engage local people in tree planting.

Who can apply: UK community-based organisations, including registered charities, community and voluntary groups, Parish Councils and schools.

Key words: Environment, Trees, Tree Planting, Woodlands, Forests, Habitats, Biodiversity, Reforestation, Social Cohesion, Social inclusion, United Kingdom.

Each summer the International Tree Foundation (ITF) issues a ‘call for proposals’ and invites people to send it their ideas. Projects can be small, such as planting a community woodland or orchard, or they can be larger scale, such as landscape restoration or rewilding. The Foundation is open to all kinds of project types and ideas.

ITF’s UK Community Tree Planting Programme represents a means of contributing to the much-needed reforestation of the UK. At just 13%, the UK has one of the lowest tree covers in Europe (average 35% in the EU). This programme aims to unlock many benefits brought about by tree planting. ITF believes local communities know what type of project is appropriate for their area and landscape.

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