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The Ashley Family Foundation

Revenue grants, generally for under £10,000 and in some instances for up to 3 years, are available to registered charities in England and Wales for small scale arts and community projects, particularly in rural areas.

Who can apply: registered charities and exempt charities in England and Wales. Other not-for-profit organisations, including unregistered charities may also apply provided they are supported by a registered charity that can accept the grant on their behalf.

Key words: Rural Communities, Arts, Traditional Arts, Textiles, Museums, Community Farms, Community Gardens, Social Isolation, Mental Health, Wales, England.

The Ashley Family Foundation focuses its grant giving on the development of strong communities, social welfare and creative arts in England and Wales, with a particular emphasis on supporting rural communities. It is especially keen to fund good small-scale arts and community projects and welcomes proposals from community museums, organisations, farms and gardens for funding for arts subjects.

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