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The Adamson Trust

Small grants, generally for £1,000 or less, are available for individuals, registered charities, charitable organisations and schools across the UK to assist with the costs of respite breaks or holidays for children aged over 2 and under 18 who are living with emotional, mental or physical challenges.

Who can apply: individuals, registered charities, schools and charitable organisations across the UK.

Key words: Children and Young People Aged Over 2 and Under 18, Disabled Children and Young People, Families, Respite Breaks, Holidays, Individuals, United Kingdom.

The Adamson Trust (previously the Robert and Agnes G Adamson’s Fund) accepts applications to provide financial help with the cost of holidays or respite breaks for disabled children aged between 3 and 17 with physical, mental or emotional impairments.

The conditions for applying for grant support is designed to be straightforward so as to not discourage anyone from applying. Eligible children must be aged over 2 and under 18, with evidence of their disability or illness confirmed by a medical or social care professional. Applications may also be made on behalf of groups of children, organisations and other registered charities.

Grants usually cover a relatively small part of the holiday cost, and the Trust may seek assurances that the family has sufficient personal or supplementary funding to cover the balance. The Trust believes that disabled children and young people should be able to go on holiday with or without their families. In the latter case, an added benefit is respite for the family.