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The 7 Stars Foundation

Four children are playing. L-R we have a blonde girl with long bunches in her hair, a blond boy in a white pullover. A girl with a cool bob and a boy in light blue jumper. He has afro hair.

Project grants up to £2,500 are available for smaller UK registered charities working with children and young people aged 16 and under in the areas of abuse, addiction, caring for sick and disabled adults, and homelessness.

Funder: The 7Stars Foundation (founded 2016. Charity number 1168240.  Total grants awarded in the year ended 31 March 2022: £83,807 (2021: £50,519)).
Who can apply: smaller UK registered charities with an annual turnover of under £1.5 million.
o Key words: Abuse, Addiction, Child Carers, Disabled Adults, Homelessness, Children and Young People, United Kingdom.

The 7Stars Foundation is a registered charity that supports the most challenged young people in the United Kingdom. The Foundation aims to relieve the needs and suffering of children aged 16 years old and under. In particular those who face challenges caused by:

  • Abuse.
  • Addiction.
  • Child Carers for sick and/or disabled adults, and
  • Homelessness.

UK registered charities with an annual turnover of under £1.5 million may apply for a project grant of up to £2,500 (with no matched funding requirement).

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