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Sport England Movement Fund

Small grants of between £300 and £15,000 are available to organisations in England to get more people active, reduce the number of inactive people and tackle inequalities.

Who can apply: sports clubs and other organisations in England that help people to take part in physical activity, including registered charities, Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs registered with HMRC), voluntary and community organisations with a not-for-profit constitution, Community Interest Companies (CICs), other forms of social enterprise, local authorities including town and parish councils, Community Councils, Schools (providing their facilities are available for wider community benefit), Community Benefit Societies, and not-for-profit companies. Please note that applicants do not have to be a sports organisation to apply – Sport England is more interested in the applicants’ knowledge of and track record in the community that will benefit from the project.

Key words: Sport, Physical Activity (such as Cycling, Dance, Fitness and Walking), Increasing Participation, Overcoming Barriers to Participation, England.

Sport England’s Movement Fund is effectively the replacement programme for its Small Grants scheme. The Fund has a budget of £160 million available for distribution between 2024 and 2028.

Grants of between £300 and £15,000 are available to get more people active and increase sports participation across England. Priority will be given to projects where there is the most need, especially those that provide opportunities for those facing barriers to activity, such as:

  • Disabled people or those with long-term health conditions.
  • Girls aged 5-16.
  • LGBTQ+ people.
  • Older people.
  • People from culturally diverse communities.
  • People living on a low income.
  • People in foster care.
  • People who provide care without pay, and/or
  • Pregnant women and parents with very young children.