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CRCC Grant funding for Digital Hubs

The Digital Together project has a call for funding for village halls and community centres in Cornwall to apply to support digital projects.

The project seeks to develop creative technology hubs in Cornwall and there will be funding for village halls and community centres as well as individual projects.

There are a range of activities and funding that we will make available:

  • £1.5K funds for Digital Community Hub grant for digital equipment of resources for a digital hub.
  • £2.5K for Creative Digital Community grant micro-entrepreneurial projects which should have some link to the Digital Hub.

About the project:

The project is led by CRCC with partners of Cornwall Council, University of Plymouth, University of Exeter, Citizens Advice and Age UK and will run between 2023 and 2025. Digital Together is a community asset-based approach to tackling digital exclusion that goes beyond providing access to skills training. We want to support communities to embed digital as a tool to achieving their collective aims towards building sustainable communities.

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