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Securing Your Charity Data

A digital cloud image with the text secure your charity's data

- Free Workshop for Cornish Charities and CICs

Join Volunteer Cornwall for a FREE 1.5 hour session on keeping your charity / community group safe from cyber attacks.

  • Do you know what Phishing is?
  • Did you know that the padlock icon on a website doesn’t guarantee that a retailer is legitimate/reputable or that their website is secure?
  • Do you store your passwords safely?
  • How secure is your smartphone/tablet device?

Have you thought about the risks to your charity or group if you were hacked, phished or your online presence was attacked in some way?

Sometimes it’s easy to assume that charities and community groups are either too small or too ‘nice’ to be targeted, but we all know how easy it is for a fraudulent invoice to get through the system or for a link to accidentally be clicked.

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